Free Spirit Farm Sanctuary


We are a Private non tax exempt rescue, this means most funding comes from our own pockets. We do welcome any donations but because we are private we cannot give you a receipt for your income taxes. We've been involved with reptiles and inverts since 2009 and to date have taken in and rehabbed many different animals. A few of the rescues have been placed in new homes while others are still with us. All adoptions are done with a contract & a signed right of refusal. This means that if you decide for any reason you no longer want to keep an animal that has been placed with you FSF Sanctuary gets the first option to get the animal back.

If you own or are aware of any reptiles/inverts that are unwanted, gotten too large, have become aggressive, just lost interest in or are sick we'll take it in, no questions asked. We will quarantine, evaluate & do what is best for each animal. There will be some that will be made available for adoption and some that may end up staying with us for one reason or another. Outcome is decided on each individual animal, case by case but whatever happens it will be done in the best interest of each animal.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate people about reptiles and invertebrate and to assist people who have taken on one they can no longer care for. We can also assist people over come fear of these misunderstood creatures. We're also primarily about saving the animals lives because big or small every life counts and every animal should be given the opportunity to thrive. We hope to eventually educate people enough to end reptile/invert neglect and abuse entirely. We genuinely care about every animal that comes here and we give them the happiest life possible while in our care. But it's ultimately up to owners/adopters to provide proper care and forever homes for them. The animals in our care are provided home raised organic insects and rodents (or at least those who eat such things), medical treatment when necessary and socializing so they may be a welcome member to any family. We hope to build a community of people who genuinely care about the health and well being of these creatures.

A little about us

Here at FSF sanctuary we have 30+ years of combined experience in many types of reptiles, inverts & other exotics. We have experience with many types of Geckos, Monitors, Tegus, Iguanas, Anoles, Bearded Dragon, Frilled Lizard, & Chameleons. Many types of Boas; both Columbian & Brazilian as well as Red Tails, Dumerils, Ground Boas, Rosy Boas, Tree Boas, & Sand Boas; also Ball Pythons, Reticulated, Burmese, Carpet, Rock, Children's, Woma & Wall Pythons. Also Florida Indigo Snakes (which we still have the endangered Species Permits from when we were residing in Florida). We've also had Tree Frogs, various species of poison Dart Frogs, Pac Man Frogs, Various species of Toads, Turtles & Tortoises too. Let's not forget the many different types of Tarantulas too. We have also had Birds, Sugar Gliders, & Chinchillas; just to name a few.


May 8, 2011 I recently adopted an adult Bearded Dragon from this sanctuary and the service was amazing! Polite, kind, caring and VERY informative. The beardy was very healthy and ate in front of me, it does not seem in any way unhealthy or sick. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants reptiles for pets. Our new family addition will be very well taken care of and loved. Thank you very much for the service! Quotes
Rachel McLaughlin ~ Calhan, CO
Satisfied Customer.

 I received the YBS last Monday April 26th 2011 and she was in excellent shape, especially in light of the horrid care many Turtles receive around here. She was bright eyed and inquisitive from the moment I put her in the tank, and this being a community ta...nk, she got along fine with the other tank mates and has shown no aggression issues. Her shell was in wonderful health with no signs of ill care such as pyramiding or retained scutes, and she has very bright bold markings. She was eating well and basking from the moment I got her, and showed no shyness towards humans at all. Considering she was only $10 for a healthy species of turtle not as commonly found in the area as the Red Eared Slider, I have to say it was a very good purchase. Quotes
John Severio ~ Colorado Springs, CO
Satisfied Customer.

 When the turtle arrived at my house, it was well taken care of, and in good health. They were very cooperative, friendly, and helpful throughout the entire process. I am very satisfied with my new pet, and this was a very positive experience. thanks again!
Chelsie Blazek ~ Fountain, CO
Satisfied Customer.

 Just wanted to let everyone know my wife and I had a great time at Fsf Sanctuary last Friday the 29th. Leah was very friendly and knowledgeable about the animals they take care of. We picked up a beautiful healthy little Okeetee Corn snake that ate like a pig when we got it home. We almost left with more than we came for, they have two puppy dog tame King Snakes that will make awesome pets for someone. I didn't know Kings could be so tame and un'wriggly like most colubrids that I know. As far as I know I am the second person affiliated with Pikes Peak Herp Society that has visited Fsf and I have to say Leah is doing a great job. they have my recommendation as a good place for rescue reptiles to be taken care of and re homed at a very reasonable price. Thanks FSF.
Aaron Mogensen ~ Colorado Springs, CO
Satisfied Customer.

 Matties doing great her and chad my dragon are getting along just fine.
he was a bit cranky at first but he's settled down. She looks great too
very healthy happy and friendly. $60 is a very reasonable rehoming fee
for such a beautiful animal. the whole process was great thanks for
being so accommodating and meeting me in springs. I will most
definitely recommend you to any other reptile lovers I meet.
Thank you so much FSF.
Eric Hetfield ~ Florence, CO
Satisfied Customer.